We believe that everyone has a story to tell, a value proposition that they want to offer and a desire to impact the lives of their loved ones, their communities, and the environment; more than that, we believe that you are tired of having someone tell you how to spend your life energy.

In order to tell our story, to be impactful in life or to simply take control of how we spend our finite life energy, we must change our circumstances.

We believe that change is a scary experience.

Change is scary because no one ever taught us how to change.

Change is engendered by a simple feeling; a feeling of wrongness that permeates our current manifestation of our human experience.

This feeling turns into a thought – “this does not feel right” – and eventually, this nagging thought will crack the surface of our composure and our actions become the expression of that feeling; we become someone that we cannot recognize and we are left asking ourselves how did my life turn out this way? And at that moment in time, we must change or we must allow our voice and our thoughts to be drowned out by the noise that surrounds us.

Change starts with a feeling, it turns into a  thought, and it must become a conscious action.

We believe in innovation brought about by society’s indomitable will to design a more human-centered experience for ourselves, our loved ones and our communities. will nurture the journey from feeling to action so that you can see the manifestation of your vision bloom.

At Ignis Studio we will nurture your journey from feeling to action, from idea to innovation, from designing a better life for you and your loved ones to designing and scaling your own human-centered business so that you can, in turn, become the role model for your loved ones that you have always wanted to be.

We believe that every individual is a creative force waiting to participate in the collective efforts to drive human-centered change in this world.

We work with our community to help them design the change that they want to see in the world. We do this by designing Intelligent Human-Centered Design Research tools that will empower you, and all other creative individuals, to design human-centered products, services, and experiences.