Goodbye Insecurities and Hello Neighbor, Artificial Intelligence Just Moved In!

Recently, I was having coffee with a business acquaintance who has built quite a nice social media following, has become a tech influencer in Vancouver and has been a serial entrepreneur since he was 8 years old.

“You want to know what I tell everyone? Write a shameless self-plug. Just write a post telling everyone what you are doing!” he said.

What great advice!

Of course, it took me almost a week to take his advice. I mean, I had to figure out if that is what successful entrepreneurs do. I needed time to talk myself up that this was a good idea…thank you so much, my precious insecurities.

So here it is, Ignis Studio’s shameless self-plug.

Personalized Artificial Intelligence is Coming Soon

Ignis Studio is working on bringing the first mass produced personalized artificial intelligence. This is not a product like Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa. We are not making AI that will be interested in tracking your every move and choice. What we are building is Wizzdom, a personalized artificial intelligence designed by you and developed for you.

The reason why Wizzdom, our gateway app to personalized AI, is not like these other products is that we are not here to sell your data to anyone, to market products to you or to advise you on where to go shopping. Wizzdom is not here to work for consumer goods retailers, Wizzdom is here to work for you!

We track the trends, trendsetters, marketing data, scientific research, blogs, social media, any publicly available information that you need, to help you manage your business, your projects, and your life. It’s like a social media feed that is not about other people, it is only about you.

We do not share your preferences with influencers so that they can tell you what to do. We show you, step by step how to automate the process of becoming an influencer, a trendsetter and a successful community leader.

We do not streamline large bulky companies so that they can reduce their costs and charge you more for their new products. We guide you, step by step as you begin the process of pulling ideas from your mind so that you can better visualize them; so you can better understand what you are thinking and what you are feeling and why you thinking and feeling this way. Then, we help you take those ideas that you want to develop for yourself and we show you how to turn those visions into reality. Whether it is a design for a dream garden, or a shoe making business, we automate innovation and implementation, and we weave it seamlessly into your life, so that you can spend less time worrying about your to-do list, and more time nurturing your loved ones and your communities.

Achieving Escape Velocity

To bring this product to market, we are in the process of launching a series of talks throughout Metro Vancouver and a podcast.

The talks will begin with a series of meetups to get feedback on the things that matter to product managers, designers, freelancers, and marketers. These talks will then grow into larger and larger speaking engagements marketed to middle-class audiences outside of Meetup.

The podcast will be a weekly series where I interview local community builders and leaders. We will talk about their local projects, their lives, their stories, and what they think the future will bring for our communities and our planet.

Lastly, we will be out in the community talking to you. Trying to understand what are the things that matter to you and why they matter to you.

AI’s Adolescence

The first mass produced personalized Artificial Intelligence seems like a dream described as by an oxymoron. Yet, for all our doubts and fears Artificial Intelligence is in the process of leaving its infancy stage and it is settling into its role as an adolescent. AI has yet to play its role in our lives. We can try to see what the future will bring, but unless we all show up and engage with it, we will never be ready to shape the way artificial intelligence will shape our society in the decades to come.

What challenges and fears will this shift bring?

We think that the future looks a lot more safe, secure and hopeful for humanity. We have work to do, but if we can automate most of it, we can once again in our evolution, begin to focus on the communal quality of life. We feel that this process should be cautiously adopted with our eyes wide open. We need to remember that the end goal of this automation process will leave us with a lot more time and mental resources for us to heal ourselves and begin to think strategically about how we see the future panning out. The path we take from here to there can either be chosen by all or dictated by a few.


Jose Pinzon

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