Ignis Studio is Launching its First App: Wizzdom (Press Release)

Today, it is our joy to announce that we, at Ignis Studio, have been working very hard on our first app – Wizzdom – and it will be ready for beta release in about three weeks. We will be hosting our first closed beta testing of Wizzdom in approximately 6 weeks!!! We have limited seating and if you find yourself reading this press release, then we would like you to be one of the first few people who will be able to engage with our Innovation Automation App!
Why Wizzdom?

“Wizzdom is a white washed wall where visual empathy is made manifest in front of a creative person’s gaze.”

A designer’s charge is the upbringing of products from simple ideas to human experiences capable of providing a specific value to a customer. Whether the designer is a UX Designer learning the journey that their users will want to experience, a graphic designer trying to express sincerity in a logo’s curving smile, or an architect shaping what the experience of home will feel like for a loving parent’s unborn child, the designers’ responsibility is not to their own vision, but to the perceived experiences of the end user.
To be able to understand the customer’s current predicament and the experiences perceived by them along every step of the way, the designer requires empathy. It is only when a designer can empathize with every experience that the customer felt along their journey, that they can design a true – Human Centered Experience – capable of expressing sincerity in branding work, capable of building nurturing experiences to replace customer pain points, and even capable of birthing a profitable business.

Wizzdom is Ignis Studio’s initial product offering to the public, designed and curated specifically for Designers, Product Managers, Marketing Managers, Startup Entrepreneurs, Angel Investors and Venture Capital Firms.

Ignis Studio specializes in Subject Matter Expert Knowledge Extraction Software that allows all creative individuals to automate the Innovation Process; from ideation, user experience, customer discovery, market place fit, marketing data and scientific research data, all the way to business incubation and investor resource allocation automation strategies.
Ignis Studio is pleased to invite you to our first closed beta testing of Wizzdom. It will be an engaged night of Human Centered Design conversation accompanied by a short and fun exercise that will allow you to sandbox and experience some of the Innovation Automations that are part of Wizzdom, and we really want you to be a part of this night! Will you grace this night of playful creativity with your presence?
Please RSVP to jose.pinzon@ignis.studio, seating is limited!
Drop us a line and ask us how we can help you provide unprecedented value to your clients by offering them unprecedented research and insight generation!
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