Meanderings on Quantum Computing and Subject Matter Knowledge Deconstruction

I once stood in the audience as the CEO of a local Vancouver firm that offers quantum computing services gave an interview. Here he was, this fairly young man average build and looks talking to this beautiful young reporter who was hanging onto this fabulous young man’s every word. Yet he seemed very uneasy with himself.

In fact, the most memorable part of the interview was when he said something very much like “forecasting the future is our business model!” and for the first time during the interview, he seemed relaxed and comfortable. he even burst out into laughter amidst of a room full of silent spectators.

That caught my attention. Why did he look so happy at that moment?

Perhaps the reason why he could finally relax was because that was the first time during the interview that he had actually said something about quantum computing that was not about high-performance computing (HPC) systems; or perhaps it was because he saw the perplexed expression on the reporter’s face and felt proud of his timely quip; honestly, I will never know why he looked so relaxed and happy at that moment.

He was right though!

As scary as the implications of that statement are, he was right. Quantum computing’s only purpose is to predetermine the future; or perhaps an even more accurate definition is that quantum computing’s only purpose is to pre-design the future; to imbue the intent of one individual’s will onto a machine that can make that will manifest by altering the course of time and space through quantum particle destination manipulation; or something very much like that, I let these bigger matters be settled by more expansive minds than mine.

So, when people and companies claim that quantum computing will be able to solve business problems that mere HPC systems cannot solve, because they are the only ones that can “optimize” data to reshape industries, that strikes me as false for two reasons.

First, they are re-purposing quantum computers to do something that they are not meant to do. They do this because by doing so they can monetize their ability to recast and break down problems so that they can be reshaped with traditional AI, machine learning, and HPC systems; and not because their quantum processors can reshape this information into a business solution.

Second, because quantum computing is not the only way to recast and break down problems so that data can optimize data to reshape industries.

Heck! pre-designing the future seems more probable to me than that quantum computing can solve business problems.

So why does pre-designing the future by altering space and time seem more probable to me than that quantum computing can solve business problems?

Well, it is because what quantum computing will be able to do, once they figure out how to manipulate quantum particles at a precise enough degree, is to let the very first user that sits down at the console of a working quantum computer determine what he or she will want to do with everyone’s future on Earth. Essentially, the computer will tell them where in the world to stand and at what precise time to close their fingers so that as they close them the butterfly that they will need to determine the future will land in their grip.

Then, they will take the butterfly to the exact geo-coordinates indicated by the computer so that if they open their fingers at the exact time that they were instructed to do so, and the butterfly flies away, the beating of its wings will cause a ripple that will trigger a chain of events that will cause a hurricane to land in whatever part of the world they want the hurricane to land on.

Now change butterfly wings flapping for whatever event you can imagine, and hurricane for whatever outcome you can imagine, and the quantum computer will tell you, step by step, what to do and how to do it and at what exact time to do it to achieve your desired outcome. This has nothing to do with business solutions, quantum computing is too big to be used in business.

Hey, could you imagine, what if someone actually figured out how to get one of those quantum computers to work and now the computer is telling them what they should do to influence you and me to achieve their desired goal? What if the end game has already been determined for everyone thanks to a techie’s wanton whims? What if it wasn’t a techie? What if it was someone who only sought power?

I know that is a very scary thought, but that is what they are working on as they work to get their quantum computers operational.

So why do these companies claim that quantum computing will be able to solve business problems?

Well, it is because of quantum computing’s process of information de-construction.

Quantum computing relies on a very sophisticated process to deconstruct entire bodies of subject matter knowledge. Once the information has been deconstructed, by the “quantum computing process”, they take that data and recompile it in a highly optimized manner by running it through publicly available and basically free HPC systems.

Here is the thing though, the entire premise behind the current business model for quantum computing is that businesses have developed in a non-optimized way; more than that, quantum computing business solutions essentially rethink problems and reshape entire business processes because these businesses did not know the right problems to solve and thus they were not able to provide the right solutions for humanity.

Let me ask you something, does that statement not beg the question “Why should we even try to reshape and optimize entire massive organizations?” Why not start from scratch and do it right from the beginning?

Why not just break down subject matter expert knowledge and use that quality data to design new optimized solutions from the ground up, all the way to scalable businesses that have been optimally designed from the beginning?

Quantum computing got there first, we got there second, the difference is that we are a force for good and we make this look good!

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