The Story of a Company

Ignis Studio began with one goal; to compile 30 years of knowledge into one searchable database.

That’s it! Nothing less was going to do.

You see, I had a potential client who needed this problem resolved and I knew that I was going to find a way to provide value to them.

I searched Angel list for developers who were experts in Decision Support Systems.

Only 8 people came up with those skills. I liked four of the eight and emailed all four of them. Two wrote back. They were both really solid candidates but Vladimir and I hit it off and we began to design a business. Our vision was simple, to design a business that could sustain the very cutting edge work in Artificial Intelligence that Vladimir and I want to engage in.

So began Ignis Studio.

It began with us sitting over Skype talking back and forth for hours into the night, just so that we could solve our first obstacle; determining how to bring 30 years of knowledge into a database. From there we continued our conversation and began a period of pivoting and trying to define our market fit.

                        A business guy and a tech guy have an idea…Could we be any more of a cliche?

Dr. Vladimir Kuzmanovski and I designed this company together during those days. We began a fun conversation about personal growth, professional development, and artificial intelligence. Those long nights working together was our greatest strength. It was through those experiences that we became a team.

Fast forward to today and we are trying to meet deadlines, make decisions about the future and taking on more team-members while trying to figure out how to get to a continued and sustained positive cash-flow. A cash-flow that can sustain the budget requirements for the R&D costs of our two apps “Wizzdom” and “Resilience”.

Our Apps

Wizzdom is our ideation automation tool. Think of Wizzdom as an imagination database. A place where you can share all your thoughts and ideas with your very own personalized artificial intelligence.

Imagine if you had someone who could guide you in figuring out if the idea that you had was actually a good idea and if people would be willing to pay for it. would you turn your idea into a feature? Into a product? Into a business? How would you do all that? Wizzdom is the friend that can show you how to do these things.

Resilience is personal development automation. We believe that in the coming years automation will greatly reduce the working middle-class salary. This means that this is a great time to position ourselves in front of a market that is already looking for solutions to these eventualities.

                                        Imagine, personal development for your mom and dad 🙂

In North America, it is estimated that the personal development industry is worth close to $9.6B and generates $500,000,000 in sales and with a 5% growth per year. The thing is that all of this industry is still relying primarily on infomercials and speaking engagements to monetize. Yes, the industry has begun to sell online inexpensive goods and services at very high-profit margins. But they are still not true innovative technologies in this field.

Fortunately, this means that they have the ear of the people and they have disposable income, that is a great starting point.

The personal development automation message is simple:

We have worked hard enough in our lifetime and it is now our time to think critically about the future. Now it is our turn to work for ourselves! And to work for a future that can easily happen if we take the reigns of that future into our own hands. Automation is going to change the future, and we are going to show you how to design that future.

Today we are 4 brave souls working hard to design and develop two innovative businesses, that are in a field very few have ever attempted to compete in.

You’ll soon find us at the grocery isle in the supermarket.

See you then!

By: Ignis Studio

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