Today I Thought of You – Artificial Intelligence and Policy Analysis

In a resent article, Singularity’s Neil Jacobstein, stated that the current artificial intelligence technology can soon lend itself to “policy analysis”. Some, have even speculated that thanks to visionary initiatives regarding the future of private sector non-profits, the business model for artificial intelligence led policy change has long since been designed. If this is the case, the real question that needs answering is how should AI led policy change be managed?

As the article, in which Mr. Jacobstein participated in, shows, the current business trend is to find siloed verticals and dump money into it to automate singular jobs within the verticals so that they can reduce the cost of production and increase profitability. As long as business leaders continue to have the vision painted by that article, and continue to try and solve the problems that have been identified by the panellists, then the future will be bright for the rest of us.

The underlying assumption made by the panelists is that business as usual can be made better by more complex AI algorithms; the truth is that just as the steam engine brought in a whole new business model to every industry, so too does the current state of artificial intelligence demand an entirely new business model. The only business model that is completely suited for the current level of sophistication that has been attained by modern artificial intelligence algorithms is one whose ever-changing mutually and co-designed in real time by small interconnected communities who want to achieve a social change.

Artificial Intelligence allows for true democracy on a global scale!

I say good for you massive online retail chains, that continue to maximize your returns using outdated artificial intelligence technologies  to force the mass production of doodads and shoes, by companies that serve only your interests so that you may pocket the majority of the profit throughout the entire process. Keep your eyes on the ball and don’t loose focus. The rest of us, we will be penetrating and designing entire new markets previously unavailable, in ways never before imagined, throughout every community in every continent, 24 hours a day, seven days per week, 365 days per year. We will be driving societal change through the empowerment of society’s lowest common denominator. We will generate such massive amounts of wealth for the early and late majority of the population at such a grass roots level that by the time you notice what has been happening, it will be too late for you to pivot.

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By Jose Pinzon

CEO and Co-Founder of Ignis Studio

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