is a ceremonial jewelry project that brings designers and couples face to face to create meaningful jewelry together. That jewel-symbol that accompanies a ritual or a social custom, carrying meaning, which represents those involved in this rite of passage in the most personal, direct way and deep.

IGNIS STUDIO steps up with the personalised visions about the wedding ring of four artists and designers of contemporary jewelry. The conceptual basis of the project is to question the representativeness through jewelry of the contemporary couple, its promise and values. To what extent can an object jewel be a symbol nowadays? Can contemporary design aim to reinterpret the meaning and the ceremony in order to bring them back into society? Ignis puts into perspective the common ideas and values ​​of those who choose to ritualize in any form their relationship, ideals, hopes, common expectations and intimacy. Thus IGNIS STUDIO updates the conventions and aims to express their authenticity and significance.

IGNIS STUDIO creates a new space that makes possible the fusion between the fictions and beliefs of couples and their factuality, bringing them into reality through design and loaded object, forever.